Thermo Scientific

TPDRO 1100

Advanced Catalyst Characterization

TPDRO 1100

The fundamental properties of catalysts (metal surface area, dispersion, acid/base sites concentration and activation energy) can be determined with utmost precision and speed by the TPDRO 1100. The thermal analysis methods (TPD, TPR, and TPO) and chemisorption in flow may be used for different objectives. The reaction or desorption profile may be used qualitatively to fingerprint a given catalyst system. It is also possible to make a quantitative evaluation on the nature of the chemical processes, the amount of gas involved in the chemical reaction and finally to calculate the number of the active sites as well as the reducibility degree of the sample in relation to the catalytic activity.


A special four-way reactor permits the safe transfer of an activated catalyst from the built-in preparation station to the analytical port. By closing the special reactor of TPDRO the activation of a catalyst can be performed simultaneously to the analysis on another sample, thus saving valuable lab time. Alternatively, TPDRO can perform a virtually unlimited sequence of experiments and/or preparations, completely unattended, on the same sample. Based on a high sensitivity four filaments TCD detector, the analytical performance of TPDRO can be expanded by the addition of a suitable mass spectrometer. Finally TPDRO offers fast, simple and high quality results for the determination of temperature programmed reduction, oxidation, desorption and pulse chemisorption using reactive gases, some corrosive gases and non-condensing vapors.