Thermo Scientific

Pycnomatic ATC

Fast Analyses for the Chacterization of Solids, Powders or Activated Surfaces

Pycnomatic ATC

Pycnomatic is the ultimate development for density measurement of solid materials available from Thermo. Based on the technique of gas displacement to measure real density of solid and powders, Pycnomatic delivers unrivalled fast and accurate results.


Pycnomatic ATC is the first density analyzer featuring a built-in temperature control system. The manifold containing the sample and the expansion chambers is temperature regulated with a precision of +/- 0.01 °C. Unrivalled temperature control precision and real multi-volume capability (three expansion chambers for five sample chambers from 4 to 100 cc) assure the best accuracy, reproducibility, speed and flexibility in real density tests. The reporting can be done automatically, either printing the results on paper or to a computer in ASCII codes at the end of the experiments. In addition, Pycnomatic is specially designed for the analysis of extremely fine powders, avoiding any risk of sample elutriation into the manifold and tubing and no filters are necessary.