Flash-2000 Elemental Analyzer

Combustion Elemental Analyzers

More than 50 years of experience (going back to the days of Carlo Erba Instruments) formed the basis for the design of the Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Series, resulting in an instrument with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. The simplicity of the analyzer layout and the flexibility to change the analytical configuration make it possible to modify the analyzer at any time to accommodate an extended range of market applications for CHNS/O analyses.

Automated 24/7 Operation

Analytical Conditions Remain Stable for Months

Accurate & Precise Results

State of the Art Eager EagerSmart Software

Easy to Use

Low Cost Per Sample

Complies with Official Methods

Wide Range of Applications

Optional Multi-Valve Control (MVC)

Optional Direct Liquid Sample Injection

15 Year Warranty
On Furnaces

TCD Included

Seed Count SC5000

Unique image analysis system designed specifically for measuring the physical characteristics of seeds, grains,
beans and powders.

MultiScan Food Analyzer

Near Infrared spectrometer designed to measure protein, fat, water, sugar, alcohol and other compounds in foods.

CropScan 3000B

CropScan 3000B Near Infrared Transmission Analyzer designed to measure protein, moisture and oil in whole grains of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, triticale, soybean, corn, rice, peas, beans etc. Built in Touch Screen PC for easy networking & posting to CropNet.

Welcome to CE Elantech, Inc.

CE Elantech, Inc. was formed in February of 1995 to assume the responsibility for distribution of the Thermo Scientific (formerly Fisons/Carlo Erba) Combustion Elemental Analyzers. The mission of the new organization was to provide comprehensive sales, service, and technical support for the complete line of elemental analyzers.

At that time, we established a nationwide network of knowledgeable sales representatives along with service personnel to insure immediate attention to customer inquiries. The service department is staffed with personnel with over 40 years of instrument maintenance and repair experience. Additionally our fully equipped Technical Applications Laboratory with state-of-the-art instrumentation is ready to assist customers with technical support and method development. The laboratory provides considerable applications experience with immediate backup from factory laboratory facilities for analysis requirements that stretch the considerable capabilities of our instrumentation specifications.

We have added several new products to our portfolio. These include the Thermo Scientific (formerly Carlo Erba) Microstructure Instruments, Next Instruments Near Infrared Analyzers, and Next Instruments SeedCount Image Analysis System for grains.

Celebrating Two Decades of
Excellence in Sales, Service & Supplies
of Combustion Elemental Analyzers
In the Tradition of Carlo Erba