CHNS/O, NC, N/Protein Analyzer

Food Safety, Agronomy/Marine Science, Environmental, Material Characterization, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Petro-Chemistry and Energy.

single CHNS/O, NC, N/Protein Analyzer handling all applications

More than 50 years of experience (going back to the days of Carlo Erba Instruments) formed the basis for the design of the Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Series, resulting in an instrument with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. The simplicity of the analyzer layout and the flexibility to change the analytical configuration make it possible to modify the analyzer at any time to accommodate an extended range of market applications for CHNS/O analyses.


The Thermo Scientific FlashSmart (formerly the FLASH 2000) is the perfect fit between innovation and tradition. As a modern and compact analyzer designed for unattended and fully automated operation in Nitrogen through CHNS/O modes in any type of sample, FlashSmart is a simple, precise and cost-effective tool for any laboratory. The ability to switch from CHN or CHNS to Oxygen without powering down to reconfigure, excellent accuracy and reproducibility and ease of use are the most visible results of the technological innovations packaged into this analyzer.

  • Accurate, simultaneous CHNS determination
  • Versatile, precise oxygen determination
  • Easy switching between CHNS and Oxygen modes without shutting down
  • Innovation focused to reduce analysis costs
  • Endorsed by International Official Organizations
  • The ideal companion to Isotope Ration Mass Spectrometer

FlashSmart offers a wide range of solutions supporting different analytical requirements. The analyzer is available in various configurations, however the simplicity of the instrument layout and the continuous flow design make it possible to modify the analyzer at any time to accommodate the most diverse market applications.

  • Local Area Network connection
  • Minimized maintenance downtime
  • Highest sample throughput either for solid and liquid samples
  • Powerful, fully digital instrument control and data handling software

Featured Benefits

  • Automated 24/7 operation
  • Analytical conditions remain stable for months
  • Accurate and precise results
  • State of the art Thermo Scientific EagerSmart Software
  • Ease of use
  • Low cost per sample
  • Complies with official methods
  • Wide range of applications
  • Optional Multi-Valve Control (MVC) for automatic switching from CHN or CHNS to O analysis
  • Direct Liquid Sample Injection possible with the AS1310 or AI1310 liquid auto-sampler
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